Bocuse d'Or Lyon 2013
Bocuse d´Or Estonia

Dimitri Demjanov is the grand old man of Estonian restaurant culture and the promoter and initiator of the principles of New Nordic Cuisine in Estonia.  

He is the founder of Culinary Institute of Estonia and manages two restaurants in Tallinn - Gloria, the oldest continuously run restaurant in Estonia that celebrated its 75th anniversary last year  and Egoist that focuses on French haute cuisine.  Demjanov has shaked hands and served dinner to such figures as Pope John Paul II, Charles, Prince of Wales as well as many other distinguished guests that have visited Estonia over the years. Demjanov is the only Estonian nominated as the member of Académie Culinaire de France.

In addition to the desire to achieve a place in world gastronomy for a country in the periphery of Europe, one additional personal memory connects Demjanov to Bocuse d’Or. During his studies in various countries, he landed in the kitchen of Paul Bocuse himself, in order to slice and dice starting at six o’clock in the morning.

In 2010 during the qualifying round of the Bocuse d’Or Estonia Demjanov organized the food conference Food for Future where the aim was to map the trends of Estonian cuisine. The keynote speakers at the conference were Claus Meyer, the architect of New Nordic Cuisine, Albert Adria, the creative director of El Bulli and Fergus Henderson, the promoter of Nose-to-Tail philosophy and contemporary traditional British cuisine.


Demjanov has collaborated with such well-known chefs as Pekka Terävä, Jarmo Vähä-Savo and Hans Välimäki from Finland; Jean Luc Brendel, Emil Jung and Antuan Vestermann from France; Ragnar Omarsson from Iceland; Ramon Freixa  from Spain and Tore Wretman , Eric Lallersdted and Christer Lingström from Sweden.