Bocuse d'Or Lyon 2013
Bocuse d´Or Estonia

Lyon 2013: Estonian Candidate’s tribute to Babette’s Culinary Powers 26.01.2013

In the finals of Bocuse d’Or, Heidy’s team will pay its respects to one of the most maverick women in the culinary world.     

Heidy’s competition entry is labeled Babette’s Feast and pays homage to the fictional literary and film character Babette, a French war refugee who at the end of the 19th century escaped to cold Jutland and whose passion for food melted the ice even in the most conservative minds. “Talking a golden touch, she definitely had it. I suggest you stock up your refrigerator with all sorts of goodies before watching this movie,” says Heidy.


Among the many films that center on food at the end of the twentieth century, Babette's Feast stands out for its reach and for the subtlety of its sensuality. This film depicts far more than food and eating; it rather shows the sensuality of food in our lives. Paradoxically this Danish film tells an exemplary tale of French cuisine. Its portrayal of a French cook far from France evokes the French culinary landscape more than that of the Danish countryside in which it is set.


But what about future stars? Who will rise to the skies of Estonian cuisine in the future? Heidy is happy to pass her experiences on to the younger generations. Most recently, she taught fourth-graders how to prepare the French classic tarte tatin and the next master class will be about vanilla ice cream. “The love for food and cooking is established at an early age. After helping parents prepare food, children understand that meals are created by a person, not by a grocery store or a restaurant. Since children are incredibly creative, such cooking classes are very exciting for them,” says Heidy with a sense of mission. Such attitude towards work simply deserves an award.

"Babette's Feast!" is a 1987 Danish drama film directed by Gabriel Axel. The film's screenplay was written by Axel based on the story by Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen).