Bocuse d'Or Lyon 2013
Bocuse d´Or Estonia

Estonian Top Chef presents the competition tray for Culinary Olympics for the first time 24.04.2014


The chef of Restaurant Cru, Dmitri Haljukov, who is representing Estonia at the Bocuse d’Or European semi-finals in Stockholm on May 7 and 8, will have his final 5-hour training session today under the supervision of the Swedish chef Jonas Lundgren. The results of the 8-month training period are presented today at Restaurant Gloria to guests of honour and food enthusiasts.


At the intense event that lasts for five and a half hours 20 best chefs from Europe will, in front of a live audience, prepare competition entries that highlight their national flavours. The best 12 will take one step closer to owning the coveted winning trophy. The competition was first started in 1987 by the legendary French chef Paul Bocuse and has been named the Culinary Olympics by the public. The final takes place every two years in Lyon, the gastronomy capital of France. Dimitri Demjanov, promoter of Estonian cuisine, member of Académie Culinaire de France and founder of Culinary Institute of Estonia will represent Estonia at the jury.


At the highly reglemented European semi-finals, the compulsory ingredients for the fish dish are coal fish as well as Belon oysters and blue mussels. The compulsory meat dish must be prepared in Stockholm using the meat of local young pigs. The latter has also been the inspiration to the general concept of the Estonian competition entry that is the Japanese art of origami requiring perfect handiwork. “Origami symbolizes the creation of a complete sculpture from one sheet of paper without cutting it. At the same time a great chef, using their creativity and skills, can create a perfect meal from one whole animal “, Demjanov refers to the approach well-known in culinary philosophy- “from head to tail”.


As there are several rules that need to be followed during the contest, from time limits to serving temperatures, Dmitri Haljukov considers professionalism as the key to success. He describes his culinary style as representing specific and clear flavours. “I continue to be mesmerized by Michelin star worthy French cuisine in its concrete shapes and powerful flavours, but of course I am also inspired by the New Nordic Cuisine”, notes the chef.


After the 8-month training period Haljukov also considers team work as a key to success. The support team of the Estonian chef includes more than 15 people. At the competition arena the candidate can also be assisted by the commis chef or junior chef, who this time is Dmitri Fjodorov from Restaurant Ribe. The kitchen trainer, Emmanuel Wille is also of utmost importance, and has been counselling Estonian participants for years. On a daily basis he is the chef of Restaurant Olde Hansa. This time our candidate also has a mentor who is among the best of the best- the culinary star from Sweden, Jonas Lundgren. The competition platter for presenting the dishes was especially designed for the event in cooperation with jewellers from the Estonian Academy of Arts and scenographer Iir Hermeliin.


In case the Estonian candidate moves on to the final, the new competition round with new compulsory ingredients starts again. The final takes place in Lyon in the end of January 2015.


Never before has this major event taken place so close to Estonia and therefore the Culinary Institute of Estonia and Bocuse d’Or Estonia invite all fans to join everyone in Stockholm. Further information is available at


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