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Bocuse d´Or Estonia

Generational Change at the top of Estonian Gastronomy: Vladislav Djachuk to lead the Bocuse d’Or in Estonia 18.09.2017

After more than 10 years, Dimitri Demjanov (70), jury member of the most prestigious gastronomy competition in the world, Bocuse d’Or, and President of Bocuse d’Or Estonia is passing the baton to top chef Vladislav Djachuk (39). According to Djachuk, who takes over the organization of competitions in Estonia, the excellent progress made so far guarantees that Estonian gastronomy will continue its success on the international arena.

The Bocuse d’Or is the most prominent gastronomy competition in the world, renown for convening the best chefs from around the globe and setting culinary trends. Estonia has taken part in this competition since 2008, under the inspiring leadership of Dimitri Demjanov. Vladislav Djachuk, the newly appointed President, was the first Estonian to take on this challenge, and ultimately placed 15th among the best in the world.


“Over the years, I have given my utmost to raise the profile of Estonian gastronomy on the world stage,” says Dimitri Demjanov, who has devoted his life to advancing Estonian cuisine.


“There is an art to leaving the stage at the right moment,” reflects Demjanov, adding that time has come to make way for the younger generation. Demjanov will continue as the honorary chairman of Bocuse d’Or Estonia Academy, and plans to put all his efforts into securing the rights for hosting the European semi-final of this grand and prestigious event in Estonia in 2020.


Vladislav Djachuk feels that he is ready to take on the great responsibility that comes with the position of President of Bocuse d’Or Estonia. “My mentor Dimitri Demjanov has given me the know-how that I plan to carry forward boldly with the aim of elevating Estonian cuisine to new heights,” promised Djachuk.


“The Bocuse d’Or is the culinary Olympics, where history and traditions are held in high esteem, while also showcasing the most cutting edge techniques and the most innovative developments in the world of culinary art,” notes Djachuk. He will spearhead the upcoming biennial competition cycle, and afterwards the presidency will rotate among other top chefs who have had the privilege to represent Estonia at the Bocuse d’Or.


Vladislav Djachuk currently serves as chef de cuisine at restaurants Mon Repos and Tchaikovsky in Tallinn, while Dimitri Demjanov oversees the operations at legendary restaurant Gloria.

Bocuse d’Or Estonia offers professional chefs an opportunity to represent Estonian cuisine at the international culinary competition that holds its grande finale every two yeas in Lyon, France. In order to secure a spot in the final, chefs must advance through national and regional semi-finals. The next European semi-final will be hosted by Torino, Italy in June 2018, and Estonia will be represented by Pavel Gurjanov, chef de cuisine of restaurants DOM and Bordoo.


Bocuse d’Or, launched 30 years ago, is the most prestigious culinary competition in the world, often referred to as the Formula 1 of gastronomy or the culinary Olympics. The idea for these championships sprang from the mind of Paul Bocuse, the Grand Master of French Cuisine, who wanted to convene the best chefs from around the world and make them compete in front of an audience.


Over the years, Estonia has been represented at this competition by Vladislav Djachuk, Dmitri Rooz, Heidi Pinnak, and Dmitri Haljukov. Belgian top chef Emmanuel Wille has served as the longtime coach to the Estonian team.