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Public Presentation of Estonia´s Bocuse d´Or Competition Entry 22.04.2016

Estonian chef Dmitri Rooz, the semi-finalist in the prestigious culinary competition Bocuse d´Or, presented his competition entry to local gastronomy aficionados. In May he will be competing in the European Final which is held in Budapest, and in order to advance to the grande finale the Estonian must place among the top 12 in the semi-finals.


Dimitri Rooz, chef de cuisine at restaurant Farm in Tallinn, has spent the past 9 months perfecting the competition plate by preparing more than 30 settings. Pursuant to the strict guidelines of this year´s Bocuse d’Or competition, the contestants must prepare a meat dish from Red Deer and a fish recipe from sterlet, a species of sturgeon.


Rooz used local products in his prep work and claims that „Saaremaa deer and fish from Varbla fish farm are fantastic“. Allegedly the Norwegian team has also been practicing with top quality fish farmed in Estonia. According to Rooz, the so-called dress rehearsal for the local enthusiasts was a 99% success.


Throughout this long and arduous practice period the Estonian representative has been assisted by a team of 15 people. During the actual competition the chef will have only one assistant - a commis or junior chef Vladislav Borovik. In the course of the competition the chef will also have the opportunity to consult with coach Pavel Djatchkov. In addition, Rooz has also been able to rely on the support and advice of previous Estonian finalists as well as Dimitri Demjanov, the patron and president of Bocuse d´Or Estonia.


Demjanov describes Rooz as a highly motivated competitor. “He´s hard-working, independent and knows what to expect. This is his second attempt at competing in the top culinary leagues. He missed the finals in 2010 and was left hungry. This time around he has worked hard on himself, lost 25 kg and is ready to try again,” said Demjanov.


According to Demjanov, this year´s products pose a serious challenge. “Sterlet is a majestic fish with high culinary properties, but it´s also quite demanding, whereas preparing game meat is a distinctive art form by itself,” comments Demajanov. However, he also insists that he rests assured and believes Estonia has a good chance to advance to the grande finale.


Mall Hellam, the honorary consul to Hungary, who attended the presentation, had nothing but praise for both competition plates but found that in choosing between the two, the fish was more impressive. “The result is delectable and it is a pleasant surprise to discover that locally grown fish allows for such a high-quality result.” Hellam´s impressions were corroborated by top chef Angelica Udeküll, a long-time member of the Estonian Bocuse d´Or jury. “I don´t want to diminish previous achievements, but this fish plate is probably the best that we have been served thus far.”


The entertaining presentation which included several musical surprises was held at restaurant Gloria. In addition to serving competition entries, it also witnessed the official signing of a collaboration agreement with long-time Bocuse d´Or sponsor Electrolux. According to the company´s local representative Tarvo Stind, this cooperation is very important to Electrolux, because it enables them to contribute to the development of Estonian restaurant culture and also to the promotion of Estonia and its top chefs and culinary culture on the international arena. “People from all over the world attend this prestigious culinary competition and only a selected number of countries are invited to take part. The fact that Estonia is again among the select few, makes us immensely proud,” said Stind.


In addition to the competition entries by Rooz, local food enthusiasts were also served culinary treats prepared by Taigo Lepik, Chef de Cuisine for President of Estonia, and Rudolf Visnapuu, President of Estonian Association of Chefs de Cuisine. Andre farm presented its new craft cheeses, and Tori Jõesuu Cider and Wine Farm served new Estonian craft ciders.


The Bocuse d´Or Estonia team invites everyone to Budapest on May 10th-11th to enjoy a world-class competition, and cheer our representatives at the European Final. 


Bocuse d´Or Estonia would like to extend its gratitude to all supporters and collaboration partners: Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs, European Regional Development Fund, and European Social Fund via Enterprise Estonia, Electrolux Estonia, restaurant Farm, Varbla fish farm, Saare Uluk (game meat), Andre farm, Bestmark, Farwell, Haktek Seadmed, Tori Jõesuu Cider and Wine Farm, Dunker, Svensky Kaubandus, Mottra Caviar, and our many volunteers.


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Photo credit: Margus Johanson